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A week ago, I scheduled an appointment to see a dentist. I scheduled it for a workday at noon. I was there on time, and was told to wait. Twenty minutes and an uncomfortable conversation later, the nurse realized that there was a scheduling error. This guy name was in my 'supposed' slot and made it to the clinic earlier than me. They only found this error after backtracking and found my whatsapp message which was earlier than this guy.

What went wrong?

I was told that this was / is their workflow:

  1. All appointment were made over Whatsapp conversations.
  2. The nurse then need to 'copy' that appointment into a separate calendar app.

Unfortunately for me, the calendar app failed to book that slot under my name so the slot was left open. He also said that this is not the first time it happened and it's not a big deal as they can get me another slot next week.

As a software guy, it drives me nuts that a user can forgive a calendar app that fails to do its purpose regularly.

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